Roof types


There are several different roof types, including:

1. Gable roof: also known as a pitched or peaked roof, this is a very common type of roof that forms an upside-down V shape.

2. Hip roof: this type of roof has a gentle slope on all four sides and forms a ridge at the top.

3. Mansard roof: also known as a French roof, this type of roof has four sloping sides with a double-slope on each side.

4. Flat roof: as the name suggests, a flat roof has no slope and is often used in modern architecture.

5. Gambrel roof: this roof has a symmetrical two-sided roof with two slopes on each side.

6. Shed roof: this type of roof is a single-pitched roof that slopes in one direction.

7. Butterfly roof: this type of roof has an upward angle in the middle, resembling the wings of a butterfly.

8. A-frame roof: this roof is shaped like an A and is most often used in vacation cabins and cottages.

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