Garage options for one-story houses


1. Attached garage: This type of garage is connected to the house and is typically built on the same level as the house. It provides easy access to the main living area of the house and is a popular choice for one-story homes.

2. Detached garage: This type of garage is separate from the main house and can be located in the back or side yard. It offers flexibility in terms of size, placement, and design, but may require a longer walk to access the house.

3. Carport: A carport is a covered parking area that is open on at least one side. It provides protection from the elements, but does not provide as much security as an enclosed garage.

4. Drive-thru garage: This type of garage has doors on both ends, allowing vehicles to drive through from street to alley or vice versa. It can be a useful option for homes situated on a corner lot.

5. Tandem garage: A tandem garage is a deep garage with space for two or more cars parked in a single file. It can be a good option for homeowners who need more parking but have limited space.

6. Workshop garage: A workshop garage is a garage that is designed for hobbies or work projects. It features additional workspace and storage areas, as well as access to electrical outlets and other amenities.

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