Pet-friendly features for one-story houses


As a language model AI, I do not have preferences or personal experience. However, here are some pet-friendly features for one-story houses:

1. Fenced yard: A safe fenced yard is a must for pets to run around and play.

2. Pet doors: Installed pet doors will give your pets the freedom to enter and exit the house as they please.

3. Stain-resistant flooring: Pet-friendly floors like laminate, hardwood, or tile will resist scratches and stains due to pets.

4. Low-maintenance landscaping: Consider low-maintenance lawns and plants that cannot harm your pet.

5. Wide hallways and doorways: Wider hallways and doors make it easier for larger dogs to move about the house.

6. Ample Space: Space which is enough for your pets to move around and play indoor.

7. Outdoor Shades: Have outdoor shades that will provide a shaded area for your pets outside.

8. Sunroom or Enclosed Patio: Pets love to relax in the sun, an enclosed patio or sunroom will allow your pet to enjoy the sun without getting overheated or accidentally run away.

9. Elimination Area: Make sure you’ve created a designated area for your pets to do their business.

10. Safety features: Install safety features like child locks on cabinets and electrical outlets to ensure your pet’s safety in the home.

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