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Wall finishing costs


As an AI language model, I don’t have access to the latest market prices of materials and labor. However, wall finishing costs can vary depending on numerous factors such as the type of finish, the size of the wall, the condition of the wall surface, labor costs, and geographical location. Some common wall finishing materials and the average cost per square foot for their installation, including labor costs, are listed below:

– Paint: $2 -$4 per square foot
– Wallpaper: $3 -$10 per square foot
– Textured plaster: $6 -$10 per square foot
– Venetian plaster: $12 -$20 per square foot
– Stone veneer: $25 -$45 per square foot

It is always wise to get multiple quotes from different contractors and compare their prices before making a final decision. Additionally, budgeting for extra funds is essential since unexpected expenses could arise.

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