Unique Ways to Incorporate Storage Space into Your Home Design


1. Under Stair Storage: The space under your staircase is usually not used efficiently. You may consider building in shelving or cabinets or pullout drawers under the stairs.

2. Wall Niche Storage: Creating wall niches on one or both sides of a wall can provide extra storage for small items.

3. Attic Space: Converting your attic space into a bedroom or a storage space with cabinets and shelving will give you extra space.

4. Overhead Storage: Use your ceiling space for storage, especially in the garage to hang bikes or sports equipment.

5. Hidden Storage: Incorporate a hidden cabinet or closet to keep your daily items hidden away.

6. Bench Storage: Adding a bench in your entryway or living room with storage underneath is a perfect solution for additional storage and seating.

7. Pantry Storage: Including pull-out pantry shelves or pullout drawers built into your cabinetry can create a neat and organized pantry.

8. Built-in Bookshelves: Building bookshelves into open walls allows you to keep items and books organized and accessible.

9. Dual-Purpose Furniture: Using furniture that doubles as storage, like a coffee table with a lift-top or a bed with drawers under it, is a smart way to save on space.

10. Drawer Stairs: Building drawers into stairs can be an efficient storage solution for a tiny house, apartment or cottage.

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